A virtual place for xNTPs to play with interesting ideas, conceptually
abstractly, and 

TL;DR = Chatroulette + Reddit + Zoom

We believe that the curiosity-driven exchange of ideas can change the world.

But we're not for everyone. We're building this for you if you're...

A Promethean Personality

You're a highly imaginative and gregarious theorist with a clever wit and penchant for unorthodox thinking.


An Architectonic Analyst

You're a reserved, hyper-conceptuallogician with a talent for systematically organizing abstract concepts.

Do either of these sound like you?

You constantly come up with band names, album titles, movie plots, book ideas, concepts for television shows, etc. not because you necessarily want to create them all but because you have a talent for it.

You are the absentminded professor type, constantly pondering abstract thoughts while actively shirking sensory minutiae, day-to-day trifles and vacuous socialization.

You enjoy examining social systems. Your love of “social experiments” and exceeding talent for dad jokes give you a natural sixth sense for trolling in any environment.
You often find yourself studying random things on Wikipedia at 3 a.m. because you enjoy the process of coming to understand.

You have 50+ tabs open right now and, wait, did you remember to bookmark that black hole explainer video you were watching earlier?
Your strong logical bent and divergent creativity lead you to say things like “what if,” “imagine,” “unless,” and “well, actually” more often than others.
Have you made any progress on your unifying theory of everything?

You use your powers of discernment, logical prowess, and propensity towards taxonomical thinking to create systematic explanations and hyper precise classifications for everything, no matter how obscure, e.g., detailed theories of the fundamental elements of a good video game or nuanced categorizations of the different kinds of anime protagonists.

If these sound like you, imagine if you could have

Access to a nearly infinite number of ideas, unique perspectives, and unconventional ways of thinking to supercharge your creativity, making you more dynamic as you passionately pursue possibilities in the world.

An opportunity to thoroughly analyze your conceptions from multiple angles and put them through rigorous scrutiny from others in order to determine their soundness.

An international audience that not only recognizes your gifts -- your creativity, your voracious inquiring, and yes, even your sophomoric sense of humor -- but is also genuinely inspired by the intellectual vistas you paint and the novel insights you illuminate.
Access to a wealth of different ideas and perspectives to help you fill in the blanks in your seemingly endlessconceptual map of the universe around us.

A forum to speak naturally, without your curiosity being quashed, your character being questioned and your livelihood being attacked.
The opportunity to connect and objectively discuss ideas with other curious thinkers without the fear of unanticipated eruptions of emotions.

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So how does it actually work?

Every week, we host video calls at various times of about 8 to 14 members from over 40 countries to discuss a topic that fascinates us.

What are the discussions like?

Hear what some of our members have to say...

ENTP, 48, New York

"Everyone appreciated my contributions when I spoke. It felt like I was throwing pearls."

ENTP, 19, Kosovo

"It's an amazing platform where you get unstuck from your own mind by listening to so many different point of view from all around the world. I wouldn't trade that for a million dollars (lol jk...it's a million dollars)."

INTP, 18, India

"Being an absolute introvert, I am uncomfortable initiating an interesting conversation. Exactly why this kind of a thing is heaven for me. I literally get high on interesting conversations."

INTP, Peru, 25

" I like listening a lot and the ideas shared are always very interesting, especially the changes in perspectives to understand the ideas better."

ENTP, 33, Belgium

“I came in fully convinced of one point of view and left not just questioning my position, but actually in favor of the other side.”

INTP, 27, Nigeria

“This meeting is honestly the best part of my week, I look forward to it all week long.”
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What are some of the topics you've discussed?

What kinds of people are on the discussions?

Our members range in age from 18 to 80, from more than 40 different countries, and from all walks of life, including doctors, lawyers, analysts, soldiers, students, and more. Though our members vary in perspectives and circumstances, they share a few very important qualities.

Our patented No Simpleton promise:


A community committed to finding truth, that is not afraid to challenge dogma and refuses to have their exploration bogged down by conventional thinking and its rabid zealots.


Sharp, flexible collaborators who can actually understand your ideas. Partners that intelligently challenge and contribute to your understanding. Listeners who appreciate the gravity of your insights.


A forum to explore all perspectives and ideas on their own merits—even the risky ones—free from ad hominem character attacks and butt-hurt indignation.

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How do you curate such a member base and discussion type?

We have a 2-step application process

Because of limited resources, particularly time, we are focusing on expanding our highly curated community. We are selective, not because we aim to exclude, but instead, because we seek to uphold our commitment to our members to provide them quality minds to explore ideas with.

If that sounds good, feel free to begin that process now, by applying, or scroll down to learn more about what we are building.

Written Application

A 10-question written application to gauge for fit.

Screening Call

A 15-minute call to assess the depth of your thinking.

We are an amicable, secure, thoughtful community—just waiting for you to insert your thick, throbbing xNTPness.

You have lots of thoughts. We know you do. But where can you go to fully express them? Where can you find people with the patience, desire, and ability to grasp your rapid connections, complex chains of logic, and strange (but effective) analogies? And that's to say nothing of your puns and dad jokes...

Be Heard. Be Understood. Be Appreciated.

At xNTP Connect, our mission is to foster, promote and support intellectual curiosity and good-faith intellectual discussion. We're committed to becoming your number one source for finding interesting new ideas and quality minds to discuss them with.

So whether you're generally asocial but enjoy engaging conversation, or your friends and family don't share your thirst for discourse, or maybe you're just plain bored, join our community and we'll help you to get the mental stimulation you crave and the recognition your creative thinking deserves.

If this sounds awesome to you, apply now.
Get in the game, because your ideas can change the world.

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Where in the world are our members?

Current Country Count


US States



Is it only for xNTPs or can other personalities join?

We are open to any personality type, as long as you can pass our No Simpleton™ standards. With that said, the group is overwhelmingly made up of xNTPs and our discussions are catered toward their preferences. With that said, we have plenty other types in the meetings (we're looking at you INFJs). With that said, intuitive, Ti laden convos are not for everyone (sorry not sorry).

What's the deal with your onboarding process?

We understand our onboarding process is not the simplest, but this is by design. We want to honestly continue our No Simpleton Promise™ and in order to do that, we have to screen -- because let's face it, some xNTPs can be trolls. There are two parts. First, we ask you to fill out a short, 10 question application. This takes on average ~7 minutes to complete. Next, we setup up a ~15 minute call to see how you think. Here we gauge the depth of your thinking and stress test you against some of our simpleton criteria.

How legit is this?

We are very early stage, and we are bootstrapping, so if some of what we are doing seems a little rough, thats because it is. In addition, most of our team is made up on intuitives, and attention to detail is not always our strong point.

What kind of topics do you discuss?

We try to discuss more philosophical and abstract questions and less "practical" topics, e.g. productivity, or topics which involves strong "oughts". Topics are generally users generated. Some past topics include destiny - is purpose discovered or created and a conversation on generations.

How many people are usually in the meetings?

We usually have between 5 and 13 people discussing a topic. With large groups, we break them up into smaller groups, 2-4 people on average. 

What kind of people can you expect?

For us, everything begins and ends with the people we invite in. That's why we have an application process. We don't do it to be exclusive or bar any perspectives. We do it so we can honestly uphold our No Simpleton Promise™. In fact, our community highly values diversity of thinking and experience, as long as everyone commits to exploring in good-faith.

What is a meeting like?

We are currently working to build our own platform, but in the meantime we utilize existing technology for our meetings. You can choose to contribute with video and microphone, or call in, or chat, or as some people have done in the past, you can connect and just listen in. The discussions are not very structured or directed, however, we do take a moment in the beginning to observe and commit to our communities 3 core tenets: 

  1. Seek first to understand then be understood 
  2. Attack the idea not the person 
  3. Question your own beliefs as rigorously as you do others'.

Are there any specific qualifications for membership?

We value intelligence, openmindedness, depth of thinking, creativity of thought, and a willingness and ability to explore the ideas of others, even if they are unorthodox. Aside from that, there are really no barriers. We have members ranging in age from 18 - 85, from different walks of life, geographically, culturally, professionally and economically. And although our name sake implies a strong preference for xNTPs (which is true, an overwhelming majority of our users are in fact E or INTPs) we do have many representatives from a number of personality types in our community.