Biology of true calling

07-06-2020 07:24 PM By Sandbox Member

By Dopamine Anarchy

The neural circuit is a population of neurons that is connected by synapses to carry out specific action when activated. Many neurological researches nowadays are keen on discovering how neural circuits work and how they affect behavior. Different circuity can cause very different behaviors in population. That is why some people can act aggressively at innocent stimuli, and others are very hard to provoke. Some studies go as far as learning how neural circuits can cause mental disorders.

Now the idea that I came up with deals with explaining true calling through neural circuits. The explanation is simple. The neural circuit can cause what we call a true calling in life. A simple pathway of neural connections determines what makes one happy and fulfilled, by releasing excessive amounts of dopamine and serotonin when pursuing such activity, physical or mental.

We are aware that some people haven't discovered their true calling in life, while others know what they want to do since they were children. The reason for this is that some people might not have activated the "true calling“ circuit. They never came in touch with such a fulfilling activity. It would be an amazing discovery if we could identify such a circuit and see how different patterns correlate to different callings.