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When we beginning thinking about what necessarily makes a genius, there are a few concepts that jump to the front of our consciousness. Some of those are logical/analytical intelligence, scarcity, exceptionality, and exceeding outcomes.

Someone mentioned a distinction which makes me think all those o...

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In a discussion about determining life's calling, we came to a crossroads of paradigms.

Some proposed life's calling is best viewed as a matter of existing. The idea being that we make our life's calling at the margins, with every decision we make. Other's proposed a forward view. Positing life's cal...

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Fight or flight, revisited
When we hear Fight or Flight, we envision a choice between dropping everything and running away or an adrenaline fueled charge towards a threat. It appears to me, under certain conditions, that description does not properly reflect the mental assessment that occurs.
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Why are we fascinated with serial killers?
Where our fascination with ultimate bullies comes from? The serial killer is a real-life bogeyman. They make us experience horror movies up close. Stephen King says that horror fiction was so popular throughout the centuries because it gives us a free trial of death.
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An economic case for victims administering justice
A quick thought experiment: Imagine a society wherein a murderer, lets call him X, is sentenced to death. Because specificity here helps with the experiment, let say he will be executed by hanging.
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