A curious dream & the logical case for God

07-27-2020 04:17 PM By Sandbox Member

By Tommy

One night, a few years back, I had a lucid dream.

The dream started with me playing golf.

Admittedly, I have never played a game of golf in my life, but there I was.

In the dream, the middle of a put attempt, I looked up and saw what I understood(?) to be my wife, in this dream world, holding a child (Do you remember in dreams? Do you recognize? Don't know, all I know is I had that distinct understanding).

Just like that, the dreamscape changed, as they often do.

Next, I was opening two big wooden doors on to a balcony over looking a beautiful, rocky bay.

Then again the dream shifted.

I was walking through a crowed room shaking hands as I made my way up to a podium.

And then, suddenly I woke up.

See thing is, I have had plenty of lucid dreams in the past, but that time, waking up was different. Because that time around, I woke up with more than memories. I woke up with questions.

So, I sat there in a state of intellectual shock.

My first thought was, where was that, physically? Next I wondered, is was the right question? Are dream places, well, places? Do they have physical characteristic? But also, was implies a sort of having-come-to-an-end, but I wondered, did it, or does it persist, somehow in someway?

And then it got trippier.

I asked myself, was that me in the dream? There was a dream-person-thing, and during the dream, my consciousness was linked to that dream person.

At that moment, curiosity really kicked in and I wondered, what if it that world persisted after I woke up? What would be happening right now? What would that dream person be thinking and doing?

And then it hit me, if he and the dream world persisted (to the extent he had retained any memory and got any insight into my mental experience), that dream person would probably start to sounds a lot like many of the great spiritual leaders.

He would go around telling people that there is this great God, Tommy. He would try to explain that Tommy created everything. He would say that all things are one and united together by Tommy, and that in someways everyone in the dream world is Tommy.

If others asked him for proof of Tommy, he would say, don't you see, he exists beyond the tools of this world, beyond anything we could use to understand him.

He would say he is the son of Tommy, and that he is Tommy, and he is not Tommy all at the same time.

Or maybe he would just go back to playing golf.