The Independence Trigger

07-27-2020 03:59 PM By Sandbox Member

By Tommy

In one of the breakouts, someone posed an interesting question, whether their existing a universal principle which begot all efforts to gain independence, to which someone then proceeded to offer quite a brilliant answer, which I will attempt to recall and explain here:

We referred to the concept as the "independence trigger."

It is the point at which one entity seeks to become independent of another party.

It was purposed that entities have what can be called a "desire for self-expression."

In short, the concept is synonymous with a will to manifest in someway or another.

In addition, any relationship between entities exudes a sort of "repression force."

The independence trigger occurs at the point when the repression force exuded on an entity sufficiently stifles that entities desire for self-expression.

When we are taxed without representation; When you nearly overdose; When you move out of your parent's house; All these examples are captured by this interesting idea.