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When we think of the problems we face with regard to our data being collected, almost all of the solutions which people put forward revolve around stopping the collection.

I want to take minute and highlight a few things which I think will point to a better solution:

First, it is easy for us to scream...

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Society when formed, by its very nature, brings about the existence of a certain kind of force. This force (which we will call F) represents the capability to inflict harm on others.

Even in the simplest arrangements, two cavemen living in a forrest, F exists.

F is divided among the members of a socie...

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When we think of the various ways our data is used and might be used, many examples come to mind, some good, some bad, some that engender hope and others that engender fear.

Here I want to propose one key distinction that is very important to keep in mind when considering questions on the topic, is ...

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