The neural circuit is a population of neurons that is connected by synapses to carry out specific action when activated. Many neurological researches nowadays are keen on discovering how neural circuits work and how they affect behavior. Different circuity can cause very different behaviors in popul...

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Some view the law as a "living" thing, and I am inclined to agree. Indeed it does share a lot with other living things: it grows, changes, adapts, etc. The law also has at least one other trait in common most living things, the pursuit of survival.

The law's pursuit of survival is driven by...

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I want to put forth another framework for interpreting genius which was presented by someone during one of the discussions. The idea is that genius should be viewed as events that occurs in time and space, independent of the doer or way by which they came to the genius event.
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When we beginning thinking about what necessarily makes a genius, there are a few concepts that jump to the front of our consciousness. Some of those are logical/analytical intelligence, scarcity, exceptionality, and exceeding outcomes.

Someone mentioned a distinction which makes me think all those o...

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In a discussion about determining life's calling, we came to a crossroads of paradigms.

Some proposed life's calling is best viewed as a matter of existing. The idea being that we make our life's calling at the margins, with every decision we make. Other's proposed a forward view. Positing life's cal...

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Intertextuality refers to the shaping of an audience's interpretation of a text's meaning by another text. When we use the interconnection between similar or related texts to interpret meaning, we do so through intertextuality. For instance, when Arnold Schwarzenegger says "I'll be back" a...

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Fight or flight, revisited
When we hear Fight or Flight, we envision a choice between dropping everything and running away or an adrenaline fueled charge towards a threat. It appears to me, under certain conditions, that description does not properly reflect the mental assessment that occurs.
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Why are we fascinated with serial killers?
Where our fascination with ultimate bullies comes from? The serial killer is a real-life bogeyman. They make us experience horror movies up close. Stephen King says that horror fiction was so popular throughout the centuries because it gives us a free trial of death.
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An economic case for victims administering justice
A quick thought experiment: Imagine a society wherein a murderer, lets call him X, is sentenced to death. Because specificity here helps with the experiment, let say he will be executed by hanging.
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