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Today’s topic was objective truth and morality.

Week on week we dig and dig through the depths of the sandbox, and many of our ponderings lead us back to the idea of Objective Truth – does it exist? And how does it relate to morality? This week’s topic dove straight into this ever-emergent theme, dub...
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Welcome to our weekly #sandboxsummary - In these posts we give you some highlights from the weekend’s sessions.

This week’s topic was honesty – When was the last time you were brutally honest with someone? And what was the result? Radical honesty is something many of us struggle with, however biting ...

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One night, a few years back, I had a lucid dream.

The dream started with me playing golf.

Admittedly, I have never played a game of golf in my life, but there I was.

In the dream, the middle of a put attempt, I looked up and saw what I understood(?) to be my wife, in this dream world, holding a child (...

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"I would say my spirit manifestation of durational conversation is in this picture."

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Summary of ideas on relationships between science and spirituality

Brief summary following our discussion on: Is there a meeting point between science and spirituality?

A simple definition of both concepts would be that, science is the aspect of human enquiry that investigates the physical realities.

While Spirituality is the aspect of reality that deals with metaphy...

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When we think of the problems we face with regard to our data being collected, almost all of the solutions which people put forward revolve around stopping the collection.

I want to take minute and highlight a few things which I think will point to a better solution:

First, it is easy for us to scream...

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Society when formed, by its very nature, brings about the existence of a certain kind of force. This force (which we will call F) represents the capability to inflict harm on others.

Even in the simplest arrangements, two cavemen living in a forrest, F exists.

F is divided among the members of a socie...

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When we think of the various ways our data is used and might be used, many examples come to mind, some good, some bad, some that engender hope and others that engender fear.

Here I want to propose one key distinction that is very important to keep in mind when considering questions on the topic, is ...

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In one of the breakouts, someone posed an interesting question, whether their existing a universal principle which begot all efforts to gain independence, to which someone then proceeded to offer quite a brilliant answer, which I will attempt to recall and explain here:

We referred to the concept as ...

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By Jenna


My name is Jenna and I come from an immigrant family.

My mother is first-generation American. I was raised by my grandmother and my

great-grandparents f...

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A morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit in a language. A morpheme is not identical to a word. Whereas words, by definition, always stand alone, a morpheme sometimes does not stand alone. For example, the word incoming is comprised of three morphemes: in, come and ing. Every word is made up o...

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Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness of an external object or something within oneself.

Consciousness as manifested on this physical plane of material existence is the subdivision of the cosmic consciousness into entities of particulate existence manifested in varying grades of intellig...

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The neural circuit is a population of neurons that is connected by synapses to carry out specific action when activated. Many neurological researches nowadays are keen on discovering how neural circuits work and how they affect behavior. Different circuity can cause very different behaviors in popul...

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Some view the law as a "living" thing, and I am inclined to agree. Indeed it does share a lot with other living things: it grows, changes, adapts, etc. The law also has at least one other trait in common most living things, the pursuit of survival.

The law's pursuit of survival is driven by...

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I want to put forth another framework for interpreting genius which was presented by someone during one of the discussions. The idea is that genius should be viewed as events that occurs in time and space, independent of the doer or way by which they came to the genius event.
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